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Happy Holiday (Giving) Season to You!
September 1, 2010

FundRaising Success recently did a quick, informal poll of a number of fundraising professionals from across the sector, and here are some of their "off-the-top-of-my-head" tips for ending the year with an uptick in giving.

Have Your Heard About FS' FREE Virtual Conference and Exhibition?
March 30, 2010

On Thursday, May 20, FundRaising Success will offer its very first, daylong virtual conference and exhibition, "Engaging, Enlightening, Empowering Donors." It's seven hours of sessions dedicated to offering you the latest and most effective fundraising strategies, tips and tactics for your organization, presented by some of the most respected fundraising professionals in the sector.

Don't Freeze, Don't Panic: Advice for Surviving Turbulent Times
August 18, 2009

The economy has wreaked havoc on organizations large and small, local and national. But the economy isn't the only thing that can mean turbulence for organizations. Natural disasters, heated election cycles and a shift in public perception of a cause, among other things, all can rock the boat. No matter what the cause, there are things fundraisers can do to get through tough times.

Three Pros Share Tips for Turbulent Times
August 17, 2009

Ellen Cobb Church, principal and CEO of Craver, Mathews, Smith & Co., Marjorie Spitz-Nagrotsky, director of development for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and Heather Wallace, director of marketing for City Harvest, share quick tips for nonprofits on how to survive and thrive in turbulent times, which they presented a session on at the DMANF's 2009 New York Nonprofit Conference.

Webinar Follow-up: An Hour With Roger Craver
March 24, 2009

On Feb. 25, FundRaising Success hosted the webinar, “Integrated Direct Mail 101: An hour with Roger Craver.” Joining Roger, a fundraising guru and founder of Craver, Mathews, Smith & Co., for this lively conversation was his colleague Ryann Miller, managing director at the newly formed consultancy, DonorTrends.

FS Gold Awards: Complete List of Winners
September 1, 2008

PACKAGE OF THE YEAR Gold: Habitat for Humanity International Special Development Appeal (Craver, Mathews, Smith & Co.) Silver: Rhode Island Community Food Bank Annual Review Brochure (DaVinci Direct) Bronze (Tie): Tuskegee Airmen — Charles McGee Campaign (Fundraising Strategies) CARE November/December World Report (Merkle) ACQUISITION (50,000 OR MORE MAILED) Gold: Utah Food Bank 2007 Thanksgiving Donor Acquisition (L.W. Robbins) Silver: Wildlife Conservation Spring 2007 Acquisition (Schultz & Williams) Bronze: Mail Call Hurts (Gum Version) (Fundraising Strategies) ACQUISITION (FEWER THAN 50,000 MAILED) Gold: Tuskegee Airmen — Charles McGee (Fundraising Strategies) Silver: Bidawee “Welcome” (SCA DIrect) Bronze: Adaptive Clothing Gift Tag Package (Fundraising Strategies) RENEWAL (50,000

Intercept. Interpret. Invite. Intrigue. Inspire.
December 11, 2007

(Editor’s Note: With great thanks to The Agitator (, here are some eloquent thoughts on branding for nonprofits from veteran nonprofit marketer Tom Belford.) Intercept. Interpret. Invite. Intrigue. Inspire. These are the words that come to mind when I think about how I would establish and grow a nonprofit brand. Intercept: Perhaps nothing requires more marketing creativity today than getting in the face of your target audience with a relevant message at a ripe moment. Fortunately, even as the communications blizzard gets more dense, the methodologies for targeting are getting cheaper, faster, more penetrating and sophisticated, especially in the online universe. The going rate for