Conference Roundup: Understand Social Networks and Make Them Work for You
June 4, 2008

Not all social networks are created equal. And nonprofit organizations need to know the differences between them before they can get one to work for them. A social network can be a useful tool for a nonprofit, providing an arena for meeting potential supporters and contacts. Also, it provides individuals or organizations an outlet for spreading their messages to broader audiences. But before nonprofits can use social networks effectively, they have to understand the options, said Steve MacLaughlin, director of Internet solutions at Blackbaud, during the session “What Social Networks Should Be Doing for You” at The Blackbaud Interactive Internet Symposium held on

June 4, 2008

“The organizations that stop viewing external Web sites as competitors and start embracing them as a part of an online strategy will be more successful.” — Steve MacLaughlin, director of Internet solutions for Blackbaud, during his session, “What Social Networks Should Be Doing for You,” at The Blackbaud Interactive Internet Symposium held on May 22 in New York.

Conference Roundup: Online Communications — Pipeline to More Revenue
June 4, 2008

Nonprofit organizations that want to maximize donations had better be brushing up on and putting into action the latest online fundraising communications that are set to explode this year, says Tim Oleary, vice president of the Malvern, Pa.-based McPherson Associates, a direct-marketing and communications agency that specializes in nonprofit fundraising programs. Charities that want to see an increase in donations or boost their donor bases should embrace these online communications, Oleary said during the session “Online Communications — Pipeline to More Revenue” at the Blackbaud Interactive Internet Symposium held on May 22 in New York. He explained that online average gifts are higher

Conference Roundup: Web 2.0 — A Buzzword Demystified
June 4, 2008

Web 2.0 isn’t a thing — it’s a state of mind. So says Andrew Mosawi, vice president of international business development for Blackbaud. During the session “Web 2.0 — A Buzzword Demystified” at The Blackbaud Interactive Internet Symposium on May 22 in New York, Mosawi defined Web 2.0 as the “business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the Internet as a platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform.” “It’s the tools nonprofits are using to fundraise and reach constituents,” he said, focusing his attention on blogs, fundraising widgets and social-networking sites like Twitter.

Meet Our Advisors: Shaw Drummond
June 3, 2008

Over the next few months, some issues of the FS Advisor will feature “get to know us” articles focusing on FundRaising Success’ Editorial Advisory Board. The board, made up of development folks from nonprofit organizations and the agencies that serve the sector, helps us keep the magazine relevant by providing input on the information our readers need most to help them get their jobs done. We start the series this week with Shaw Drummond. Who: Shaw Drummond, vice president and general manager, Blackbaud Interactive business unit since 2007. Based in Charleston, S.C., Blackbaud is a provider of software and services designed to help nonprofit

Blackbaud Announces Acquisition of Kintera
May 30, 2008

Excerpted from a Blackbaud press release: CHARLESTON, S.C. —  Blackbaud, a provider of software and related services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, announced yesterday that it is acquiring Kintera, a provider of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to the nonprofit and government sectors. Under the terms of the agreement, Blackbaud will pay an all-cash purchase price of approximately $46 million. Blackbaud expects to finance the deal with cash and borrowings from its credit facility. Kintera’s principal offering is its online Sphere® technology platform, which is used by such leading organizations as American Lung Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, International Fund for

Blackbaud Celebrates National Volunteer Week
April 25, 2008

Charleston, S.C. — In recognition of National Volunteer Week, Blackbaud is hosting volunteer fairs and events at its Charleston and Indianapolis offices. National Volunteer Week was created in 1974 when President Richard Nixon signed an executive order to establish the week as an annual celebration of volunteering. A service of the Points of Light & Hands On Network, the 2008 National Volunteer Week will be held from April 27 to May 3. Blackbaud recently formed a new team focused exclusively on philanthropy programs, which is being led by Rachel Hutchisson, director of corporate relations and philanthropy. “We truly believe that service to others

Sidebar: Frequently Asked Questions About Lists
March 25, 2008

Q: Can a list become tired or overused? A: Yes, in extreme circumstances. If the mailer is taking every name and every segmentation possible and results are diminishing, it might be time to rest a list and return to it in a later mailing. The list broker can determine when a list is being overused; however, it usually takes years to reach this level. Q: Why are there duplications on the same list? A: Not everyone uses the same merge/purge logic, and there can be human error. This is quite common and is part of the standard allowable deductions that a list owner will

Identifying Lists That Work: The Basics
March 25, 2008

To identify the lists that work, a fundraiser has to first know his or her organization. The donor profile of your database is the best place to start when considering an outside-list acquisition program. External list donors who already have the same demographic and psychographic profile as your housefile donors are more likely to give to your organization over another one. Your donor profile might look something like this: * Female * Age 55+ * Income $50,000+ * Lives in Georgia * Likes to knit and enjoys walking Identifying common characteristics within your donor base can help you look for lists that meet a

Embracing Nonprofit 2.0 in Your Organization
February 13, 2008

With Web 2.0, as with all emerging technologies, there is a fine balance with what to use, what to lose and where to start. What is clear though, is that nonprofits need to embrace these technologies to take themselves to the next level. I recently had the opportunity to participate in an event hosted by a forward-thinking nonprofit organization that invited its technology partners to an open discussion about Internet trends in the nonprofit industry. As I prepared for the discussion, I jotted down four key concepts every nonprofit should embrace when thinking about where technology and