Amnesty International USA

Advocates Seven Times More Likely to Donate Money to a Cause
February 15, 2011

Blackbaud announced the release of “Connecting Online Advocacy and Fundraising”, a white paper focused on optimizing advocacy appeals that lead to increased response rates and fundraising.


“The integration of advocacy and fundraising has proven successful with many organizations,” said Daigneault co-author Steve Daigneault of M+R Strategic Services. “In fact, advocates are seven-times more likely to give as compared to non-advocates.”

Tips for Strengthening Landing Page Conversions
July 14, 2009

For some organizations, as few as 10 percent of the people who land on the donation page actually complete the transaction. That represents an incredible amount of money left on the table. Increasing donation page conversion rates even just 10 percent would double fundraising revenue from existing traffic, something no nonprofit can overlook.

Special Report: Multi-channel Fundraising
July 1, 2007

Nonprofit direct-response fundraising programs historically have centered around one channel, usually direct mail. But as other channels become more viable and new ones emerge — can you say W-E-B? — innovative organizations have become aggressive in incorporating them into their fundraising mix.

Googling for Donors
May 9, 2006

&000; May 9, 2006 By Nick Allen Nonprofits usually use search-engine marketing -- buying keywords on Google, Yahoo!, and other sites -- to drive traffic to their sites, sell merchandise, and enroll supporters on their e-mail lists. Many organizations are buying keywords, and many others are taking advantage of the Google Grants program, which offers free keywords to selected nonprofits. Amnesty International USA has been taking the next step, acquiring donors directly on search engines -- and making money on the acquisition -- through a program that involved testing a wide variety of keywords and continuous editing of the words based on their

Gold Awards: And the Winners Are ...
September 1, 2005

What a grand time. FundRaising Success ventured into the tricky awards arena for the first time this year. And even though it was all new to us, it was a terrific experience from start to finish. We had a better-than-expected showing — 33 packages in all, submitted by 10 agencies and two organizations — a small but enthusiastic group of judges and a lot of fun.

Making Anger Work
July 1, 2004

“You need a streak of outrage. You need a sense of injustice. Without outrage, I don’t know how the hell you can do this work.” — Roger Craver, of Craver, Mathews, Smith & Denny Hatch, 1993 Since its founding in 1961, Amnesty International has saved more than 50,000 lives — potential victims of murder, torture and execution by some of the nastiest regimes on earth. Considering what’s happening in the Middle East, Africa and even here in the United States, this organization’s work will never be done. If I had to pick one organization for which Roger Craver’s words are apropos, it

Mind to Muscle to Money
March 1, 2004

According to conventional wisdom, the world of fundraising for nonprofit organizations includes separate camps of volunteers and donors. Donors shall give their money, volunteers shall give their time, and never the twain shall meet, right?

Not necessarily. Increasingly, fundraising officials at nonprofits are seeking volunteers willing to make the leap to financial sponsorship. Volunteers are being asked to contribute money precisely because they’re already physically and emotionally involved with the organization. If they’re more or less committed to the cause through volunteer work, it makes sense to ask them to make a monetary contribution.