American Institute for Cancer Research

BBB's Charity Ratings, Seal of Approval Under Fire
January 3, 2013

Some question whether the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance charity ratings really have teeth, and if the up to $15,000 it receives annually from charities that pay to use its seal of accreditation influences its decisions. The questions come as many charities, particularly smaller ones, struggle to raise money as the proportion of people's incomes devoted to charitable giving remains stagnant.

DMA Announces Search Committee for New President and CEO
January 25, 2010

Jan. 25, 2010, New York, NY — The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the leading global trade association of businesses and nonprofit multichannel direct marketers, today announced the formation of an executive search committee charged with finding a new president & CEO to lead the DMA. The committee will be spearheaded by Kelly B. Browning, EVP & COO of the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Bring the Message Home
July 11, 2006

This mailing from the American Institute for Cancer Research is a reminder annual-fund mailing sent to previous donors who didn’t respond to the organization’s initial appeal. The mailing includes just a reply device, letter and BRE. The letter is brief, with AICR letterhead at the top, a list of six diet and health guidelines for cancer prevention -- giving an example of AICR’s research and education mission -- and an ask summed up in four short paragraphs and the P.S. The letter’s tone conveys surprise that the recipient has not yet donated to the annual fund -- “Our records indicate you have not yet