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America's Top Fundraising Groups Face Big Struggles
October 17, 2011

America’s big charities expect fundraising to rise in 2011, but the increase won’t come close to making up ground they lost in the downturn.

Nonprofits that made The Chronicle of Philanthropy's Philanthropy 400, the charities that raise the most from private sources, expect a median rise of 4.7 percent — meaning that half expect more and half expect less. That beats last year’s 3.5-percent median gain. Altogether, the charities in the survey raised $70.3-billion last year.

40+ Nonprofits Gain Advantage on Facebook with Philanthropic Initiative
September 30, 2011

According to industry benchmark reports, the majority of nonprofit organizations have yet to reach the level of social marketing success that the mainstream business community enjoys. Data shows that nearly 90 percent of charities on Facebook and other social networks have raised less than $1,000 each on social networks in the past year.

Recognizing the pressure nonprofits face in meeting their 2011 goals, Social Edison opted to launch the BluCard this week by donating the proprietary application to a select group of charitable organizations. The technology allows organizations to build enduring, one-to-one relationships with their social network supporters.

The 10 Commandments for Optimizing Fundraising Success, Part 2
September 28, 2011

Veteran fundraising consultant Tom Gaffny provided 10 timeless keys to fundraising success that he's crafted over the past two decades during his session, "The 10 Commandments: 10 Ageless, Irrefutable, Non-Negotiable Keys to Optimizing Your Fundraising Success," at the DMA Nonprofit Federation's 2011 New York Nonprofit Conference held last month.

Health Coverage Foundation Awards $60,000 to Update & Call Center
September 7, 2011

The Foundation for Health Coverage Education (FHCE) announced that it has been awarded two grants totaling $60,000 from the Health Coverage Foundation. The grants will aid in updating FHCE’s U.S. Uninsured Help Line 800-234-1317 and website,, and strengthen continued media efforts to educate uninsured Americans about their health coverage options. They will also enhance a collaborative outreach effort with the American Lung Association to assist uninsured lung disease sufferers with navigating the complex health coverage system.

Nonprofits Achieve Online Fundraising Milestone
July 28, 2011

Charity Dynamics, a provider of comprehensive online marketing and fundraising solutions for nonprofits, announced that nonprofit organizations across the country have now raised more than $100 million directly through the company’s Boundless Fundraising solution since it first launched less than three years ago.

Boundless Fundraising is a suite of online fundraising applications that enable participants in nonprofit special events to extend their fundraising efforts through Facebook, email and mobile devices. More than 75 U.S. charities currently use the applications as part of their overall event marketing and fundraising strategy.

IRS Considers Changes in Disclosure Rules for Many Nonprofit Groups
June 16, 2011

Many nonprofits and their affiliates could face expanded requirements to disclose information to the Internal Revenue Service if some tax-agency officials and advisers get their way. What’s more, the IRS might require each affiliate to prove it deserves tax exemption, rather than granting one exemption to cover every affiliate.

Such changes could be a big deal — 250,000 charities are part of big national organizations, the IRS estimates. Organizations like the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, and the NAACP all would be affected by a change.

Are Charity Walks and Races Worth the Effort?
June 13, 2011

Every year tens of millions of Americans ask friends to sponsor them in events ranging from 3-mile "fun runs" to 100-mile bike treks. The largest such event — the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life — raised more than $400 million last year. Meanwhile, the ever-growing movement includes tens of thousands of tiny "thons," collecting for schools, hospitals and homeless shelters. As soon as the weather warms, the walkathoners take to the streets, proudly parading in their oversize T-shirts and ribbon pins.

Senator Prods Medical Nonprofits to Disclose More About Industry Contributions
May 11, 2011

Sen. Charles E. Grassley has renewed his effort to get nonprofit medical groups to provide more information to the public about the money they get from pharmaceutical, medical-device and insurance companies.

Mr. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, sent letters about the matter to all but one of the 34 organizations that he had contacted in late 2009 and early 2010, including disease advocacy groups like the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association and medical-professional groups like the American Academy of Family Physicians and North American Spine Society.