Are You Certified?
November 8, 2013

As you create your New Year's resolution for 2014, ask yourself if you are certified. If you are not — isn't it time to improve your career?

Making the Most of Your FSP Investment
November 1, 2013

Following is some information you need to know when considering using an outside resource for fundraising assistance, fundraising service providers. (And, no, this isn’t an argument that one method is better than another.)

Join the AFP — and Get Off the Bench!
October 4, 2013

Whatever your career level, I encourage you to promote the profession through involvement within the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

A Fundraiser's Guide to Effective Gift Acknowledgment
September 27, 2013

During the last few years, the case for knowing and improving every fundraising organization’s donor-retention percentages has nearly reached a fever pitch. One of the first methods to improving donor retention may sound obvious, but it is so often taken for granted: proper gift acknowledgment. In many ways, the thank-you letter is a “springboard” to improving donor retention. Is there any better opportunity to solidify a relationship than in the process of thanking a donor for his or her gift?

Charities Raising More Money, But Still Losing Donors
September 20, 2013

For the first time in five years, charity respondents to the annual Fundraising Effectiveness Project survey saw positive gains in giving, but still continued to lose donors faster than they gained them.

3 Secrets to Getting Your Donor Thank-You Out in 48 Hours
September 17, 2013

In my recent webinar with 4GOOD/Nonprofit Webinars about How Creative Thank-Yous and an Attitude of Gratitude Can Supercharge Your Fundraising, it became apparent there’s one question many of you struggle with: How on earth do you develop a system that assures thank-yous really get out in 48 hours? Heres' the biggest secret: 1. You’ve got to get everyone in your organization to buy in to the 48-hour rule. This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to sustain donor relationships.

Where Is Your Passion?
September 11, 2013

People respond to professionals who are energized by their work. Let's show our passion as fundraising professionals to help transform our profession and the world.

Shining a Light on the True Cost
August 22, 2013

As the donor public has been focused on nonprofit overhead in recent months, it seems that nonprofits have in turn been focusing on their costs to raise money. That's perfectly logical and wise, but this has generated a lot of questions and misunderstandings about what and how consultants or agencies charge.

3 Key Pieces in an Engaging E-mail Campaign
August 12, 2013

Nonprofits can learn from e-mail campaigns corporate marketers are sending. Corporate e-mail programs have focused on delivering value. They test offers, messaging and more. They send relevant content based on subscriber interests, preferences and actions. Think about what’s in your inbox. Daily deals, airfare price alerts, offers from favorite retailers and social media alerts. Add in family and friends and the inbox has become a competitive place.

So, how can your e-mail campaigns stand out? Here are three ways: use personalized messaging on different audiences, test subject lines and calls to action, and follow up.