Adams Hussey and Associates

The Assorted Pleasures of Focus Groups and M&Ms
January 1, 2006

I really enjoy watching focus groups. Nothing beats being a voyeur behind a two-way mirror, munching on M&Ms, and getting paid for the privilege. And since you’re sitting in a dark room, no one really notices if you nod off for a few minutes.

Aside from my personal enjoyment, there also are many benefits for a nonprofit organization in using focus groups to develop creative strategies, so long as you use the process and the information correctly.

DM Fundraising Across the Pond
September 1, 2005

The British and Americans share many similarities, most notably a common language. But there also are many differences. Any American tourist in London will notice the Brits’ dissimilar pronunciation of words such as privacy or schedule, and peculiar terms such as “lift” instead of elevator or “boot” instead of trunk.

Direct-response fundraising in the United Kingdom also shares some similarities with its American counterpart, but most notable are the differences. Our colleagues acrossthe pond face different challenges than we do and, as a result, thetechniques they’ve developed and the results they receive also are dramatically different.

Gold Awards: And the Winners Are ...
September 1, 2005

What a grand time. FundRaising Success ventured into the tricky awards arena for the first time this year. And even though it was all new to us, it was a terrific experience from start to finish. We had a better-than-expected showing — 33 packages in all, submitted by 10 agencies and two organizations — a small but enthusiastic group of judges and a lot of fun.