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New Effort Rallies Americans to Donate Tax Cuts to Charity
January 4, 2011

If you don’t think Congress should have extended the Bush-era tax cuts this month, why not donate your own tax savings to charity? That’s an idea that three professors are promoting on a new Web site called Give It Back for Jobs.

The site, which helps people calculate their own tax cut under the deal that President Obama struck with House Republicans, was created by Jacob Hacker, a professor of political science, and Daniel Markovits, a professor of law, at Yale University; and Robert Hockett, a professor of law at Cornell University.

Go On ... I Dare You
January 1, 2011

Do you have the guts? I have 10 ideas that might scare the daylights out of you. They're probably difficult, politically unpopular or against the rules of your organization. Furthermore, these ideas might not work for you. They could even be very, very bad for you. But I don't think so. These are good ideas that have worked for others who made them happen despite the difficulties. I dare you to try at least one.

Looking Forward to Increased Mobile Giving
December 14, 2010

As you plot your fundraising strategy for 2011, it will become important to give some thought to how and if mobile giving might fit into your overall planning.

AFP Introduces Wise Giving Website to Help Public With Philanthropy
December 8, 2010

The Association of Fundraising Professionals unveiled its new wise giving website, Change the World With a Giving-and Wise-Heart (http://www.afpnet.org/GivingHeart) designed to help donors think proactively about philanthropy and how they want to improve their communities through giving and volunteering.

The website contains a variety of information on how donors can make smart choices in their philanthropy. Donors can learn about different ways they can support charities and how to spot legitimate organizations.

For Artists’ Fund-Raising, a Social Network Site
December 8, 2010

United States Artists, a nonprofit group founded by foundations and wealthy art donors to broaden support for working artists, will unveil a new Web site on Tuesday that solicits small donations from regular people to help underwrite specific artworks.

Part social network, part glossy brochure, part fund-raising mechanism, the site seeks to democratize arts patronage as government support for the arts continues to decline and private sources of financing also shrink.

The Do's and Don'ts of Online Fundraising and Communications
November 16, 2010

Between President Barack Obama's successful 2008 online campaign and the myriad tactics government nominees employed this fall, the political sphere has provided many lessons in regards to online fundraising and communications.

Charity comparison site to go live
October 15, 2010

A new website that will enable donors to compare how charities spend their money is to be launched this week.

More than 200,000 UK-registered charities will be listed on aliveandgiving.com, which will give donors access to charities' financial information and spending.

People will be able to search for charities on the site according to sector or location. A list of relevant charities will then appear with information next to each about how much of the donation will be spent on administration and on front-line services.