10 Tips for Motivating Corporate Volunteers
February 10, 2015

The worst thing any nonprofit organization can do to its volunteers is to give them meaningless tasks. Volunteers, especially corporate volunteers, want to make a difference with their time. Here are 10 ways to motivate corporate volunteers.

70 Nonprofit Trends for 2015
February 1, 2015

To get a handle on what’s in store for 2015, NonProfit PRO rounded up some of the nonprofit industry’s finest, who were kind enough to share these 70 trends for this new year — everything from leadership to staffing to fundraising and more.

Unite Your Board and Blast Off!
January 8, 2015

Your board may be performing well enough, but once you've seen a group that is truly united, you realize how much more can be achieved.

When Have You Given Back?
October 31, 2014

I strongly encourage every person in our profession to volunteer and give back to help to others. Giving is what makes our profession special and unique. In truth, all of us are volunteer consultants in the sense we have acquired skills and experiences that are transferable to others. Even if you feel you have given back for many years, take a deep breath and volunteer again. To those who are just entering the field, work and volunteer at the same time. Who knows, you might eventually work for the cause that is currently your focus for volunteer service.

It Is a Time of Thanks and to Celebrate Giving!
October 29, 2014

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Take time today to be sure that you are maximizing this opportunity to deepen relationships with your donors and other key friends!

Do You Have Triple Crown Award-Winning Volunteers?
October 27, 2014

Charities should motivate their volunteers to strive for their own individual Triple Crown Award each fiscal year, which represents a new season. Instead of baseball terms, the charities should seek each individual engagement in the areas of time, talent and treasure.