Oritel Joins Univision to Launch First U.S. Telethon
March 27, 2012

A group that runs charity telethons throughout much of Latin America is joining with Univision to launch its first U.S.-based program.

Univision host Don Francisco, whose real name is Mario Kreutzberger, heads the International Organization of Telethons (Oritel). Oritel oversees telethons across Latin America that raise money for children with disabilities. Kreutzberger founded the first telethon in his native Chile in the 1970s on advice from American comedian and telethon host Jerry Lewis. Now, he's bringing the successful Spanish-language model to the U.S. It will be Oritel's 14th telethon.

6 Ways Your Boss Is Wrong
March 1, 2012

Is your boss killing your fundraising? If so, you aren't alone. Based on what I hear again and again from friends all over the fundraising world, it seems bad direction from bosses (or board members) is a 
leading cause of ineffective fundraising.

Making the Right Call
January 1, 2012

What do you do when a donor just stops responding to the mail? Here's a suggestion: Take a look at telemarketing.

Phone It In
July 1, 2011

Today more than ever, telephone marketing is still the purest form of marketing. Although some consider it "old-school," it's the only channel that allows you to get real-time feedback from donors and a yes/no answer after each call. At its best, telefundraising is a priceless tool that brings in more than donations — it brings you loyal donors with immeasurable lifetime value.