Got a Fix for Oil Spill? It May Be Worth a Prize
June 30, 2010

You might be able to get rich quick if you can fix the BP oil spill. The X Prize Foundation wants to make fixing the BP oil spill a multimillion dollar competition. It has done the same for space, fuel efficient cars and gene-mapping.

Foundation Vice President Francis Beland (BE'-land) says his group is kicking around the idea. They've already received 35,000 unsolicited ideas for fixing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Humanity Calls and eBay to Launch Fundraising Tournament for the Environment
April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010, Press Release — Social giving tournament website www.HumanityCalls.org  will be launching its initial event, the eBay Fundraising Tournament for the Environment, on April 22. Environment focused nonprofits are invited to sign up. Dozens of organizations, including Amazon Watch, The Nature Conservancy, Light Up Malawi, Water.org and the World Wildlife Fund, have joined.

This first HumanityCalls.org tournament has been seeded with $50,000 from eBay in support of the environment, including challenges such as climate change, conservation, recycling, renewable energy and pollution. Individuals will drive-up the tournament cash pool through their own contributions, vote on the most deserving nonprofits and help engage others through Facebook and Twitter.