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Nearly Half of All Nonprofits Plan to Add Jobs; Few Predict Layoffs
March 10, 2014

Forty-five percent of nonprofits plan to add jobs this year, about the same share that created new positions in 2013, finds a survey. As the economy continues to improve, nonprofits are not only adding jobs but are increasingly avoiding layoffs: Only 7 percent intend to eliminate positions this year. The study of 413 organizations was conducted by Nonprofit HR, a human-resources consulting firm, and the Improve Group, a consultancy whose clients include charities.

Creating Successful Nonprofit Boards, Staff and Programs: Take a Cue From Successful For-Profit Businesses
January 29, 2014

While nonprofits may be structured differently than for-profit businesses, there are some elements they have in common such as business needs for operational efficiencies, processes and sustained results. Like any business, in order for a nonprofit to be effective in its operation it must have the necessary funds and the staff in place who believes in the organization, its mission and its vision.

Finding the Right Development Officer for Your Organization: Part 2
December 20, 2013

Executive directors often ask me for help with hiring the right development officer. Make sure you check out my previous column, which outlines the process. Now, here are interview questions for finding your next fundraiser. Remember to alternate the general questions with the fundraising questions, and remember to assign different questions to different members of the interview team.

Finding the Right Development Officer for Your Organization: Part 1
December 6, 2013

Executive directors often ask me how to select the right candidate to serve as the chief development officer. Here are some tips: 1. Distinguish between a development officer and an administrative support person. 2. Craft a darn good job description. 3. You have to hire someone who possesses the documented body of knowledge in fund development and demonstrates real-world experience. 4. In addition to expertise and experience in fund development, think about what you expect in anyone who holds a senior level position.

How to Hire Great Frontline Fundraisers
November 12, 2013

Hiring the right frontline fundraiser(s) for your nonprofit can literally make or break your development program. Yet, so many organizations have no idea how to find great fundraisers for their teams. Instead, they look at “help wanted” posts on The Chronicle of Philanthropy and try to duplicate the requirements. I want to discuss in detail how your nonprofit can find — and hire — great frontline fundraisers for your team.

Fundraiser or Faker?
September 1, 2013

Here are some of the signs that give fakers away, so you can avoid the costly mistake of shackling yourself to a faker when you need a fundraiser.