Ford Launches $200M Metro-Growth Effort
May 18, 2010

Ford Foundation announced a five-year, $200 million effort to help transform the way cities, suburbs and surrounding communities grow and plan for the future, interweaving housing, transportation and land-use policy to foster greater economic growth.

Report Shows Resilience of Philanthropy & Remittances to Developing World
May 13, 2010

WASHINGTON — Despite the global recession, private giving and remittances are helping developing countries weather the economic storm, according to the new 2010 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances published by Hudson Institute's Center for Global Prosperity (CGP).

In 2008, private philanthropy and remittances remained among the most important sources of funding in the developing world. Private philanthropy and remittances from the developed to the developing world were nearly twice as much as government aid ($233 vs. $121 billion). As predicted in last year's Index, remittances from all countries to developing countries have remained remarkably resilient despite the global recession that began in December 2008. These remittances totaled $336 billion in 2008, a 17% increase from 2007.

MacArthur Awards $5.6 Million to Support New Master’s Programs to Train Sustainable Development Leaders Around the World
May 4, 2010

(Chicago, IL) — The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation today announced grants totaling $5.6 million to ten universities in eight countries to establish new Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) programs. The programs combine training in the natural sciences, social sciences, health sciences, and management to help practitioners address global challenges such as sustainable development, climate change, and extreme poverty. The universities were selected through a competitive process that included reviews by experts outside the Foundation.