Postal Regulatory Commission Denies Rate Hike Request
October 1, 2010

The Postal Regulatory Commission announced this morning that it would not approve the U.S. Postal Service's request for an "exigent" price increase.

"We have concluded that we must deny the Postal Service's request," Commission Chairman Ruth Goldway said in a prepared statement. She said the decision "is a consensus, and is unanimous."

The Slow and Boring Path
September 1, 2010

Everyone wants a breakthrough. Every nonprofit wants to leapfrog into the dominating position it knows it deserves. Everyone wants to travel the fast and sexy path. But breakthroughs are rare. Fortunately, there's another path to success, and it usually works — the slow and boring path.

DMA Files Motion to Dismiss USPS Postal Rate Hike Request
July 26, 2010

The Direct Marketing Association and the DMA Nonprofit Federation today asked the Postal Regulatory Commission to dismiss the United States Postal Service’s request to increase postal rates by 10 times the rate permissible by law. The petition was filed by the Affordable Mail Alliance.

This action by USPS comes just three years after Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, which was supposed to prevent rate increases that exceed the rate of inflation.

Nonprofit Postal Rates Targeted for Hike
July 7, 2010

As the nonprofit community determines just how much they might see postal rates increase next year, it's clear that Standard Mail Parcels will get hit with the largest increases – 23 percent – under an exigent rate case filed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) today.

How much the nonprofit rate for Standard Parcel or other categories used by nonprofits will increase is unclear, but USPS appears to be moving toward having categories cover more of their costs to handle.

10 Creative Strategies to Cut Through the Clutter
June 15, 2010

During their presentation, “30 Ideas in 60 Minutes: Your Hour of Creative Power," at the Association of Fundraising Professionals Fund Raising Day in New York held last Friday, Jeff Brooks, creative director at TrueSense Marketing; Moira Kavanagh Crosby, president of MKDM; and Dennis Lonergan, president of Eidolon Communications, provided direct-response and online fundraising strategies to make your fundraising solicitations stand out from the crowd. Here, Crosby outlines her 10 strategies from the session.

Christmas Post Strike Lifted
November 9, 2009

November 6, 2009, The Independent — The threat of a Christmas postal strike was lifted last night following hours of talks between Royal Mail and the unions.