Groups: Measure to Eliminate Nonprofit Mail Discounts Could Cripple Fundraising
August 18, 2011

With the United States Postal Service looking to downsize, some of America's favorite nonprofits that rely heavily on direct mail fundraising could become a new kind of charity case.

That’s because legislation to restructure the money-losing agency includes a provision that would eliminate reduced postage rates for nonprofit mail.

Under Rep. Darrell Issa’s bill, the 40 percent discount that nonprofits have been getting for the postage rates on their mailings since Congress authorized it in 1951 would be reduced by 5 percent a year, and to 10 percent after six years.

U.S. Postal Service Loss Continues in Third Quarter
August 8, 2011

The U.S. Postal Service ended its third quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2011 with a net loss of $3.1 billion, compared to a net loss of $3.5 billion for the same period in FY 2010. Total mail volume declined to 39.8 billion pieces for the quarter, compared to 40.9 billion pieces in the third quarter of FY 2010. Postal Service third quarter revenue reflects the anemic state of the economy during the past three months. Additionally, the growth in electronic communications continues to erode core First-Class Mail volume.

Oklahoma City nonprofit company gets Navy mail contract
May 25, 2011

NewView Oklahoma is preparing to begin a new contract to handle mail services for the U.S. Navy.

Lauren White, president and chief executive of the nonprofit company, said the company is hiring up to 29 employees for the July 1 start date in eight initial locations, which include naval bases in Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Work will be managed from the Oklahoma City office but performed on site.

As part of the Navy contract, employees will handle all aspects of the mail except driving. Adaptive technology may be used to aid employees.

PRC Approves Mobile Barcode Promo
May 23, 2011

The Postal Regulatory Commission has officially approved the USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion and determined that nonprofits can play too! All of the other regulations have remained the same.

If you have already planned on some great campaigns this summer that incorporate QR Codes then you’ll be all set to save 3 percent on postage. If you have not planned on using this 2-D barcode technology into your next campaign, then get started; the promotion starts July 1!

Postal Regulatory Commission Denies Rate Hike Request
October 1, 2010

The Postal Regulatory Commission announced this morning that it would not approve the U.S. Postal Service's request for an "exigent" price increase.

"We have concluded that we must deny the Postal Service's request," Commission Chairman Ruth Goldway said in a prepared statement. She said the decision "is a consensus, and is unanimous."

The Slow and Boring Path
September 1, 2010

Everyone wants a breakthrough. Every nonprofit wants to leapfrog into the dominating position it knows it deserves. Everyone wants to travel the fast and sexy path. But breakthroughs are rare. Fortunately, there's another path to success, and it usually works — the slow and boring path.