Wining and Dining Donors
June 1, 2011

We've all heard the studies that claim a glass of wine with dinner is good for your health. As it turns out, injecting a little bit of wine into your organization's special events can be quite good for your fundraising health as well.

Multipronged Moxie
May 1, 2011

The message I heard after year-end 2010 was clear: One-off appeals (whether letters or e-mails) don't work well anymore. These days, the organizations with the most direct-response moxie are the ones that craft engaging 
campaigns with many touchpoints. Multipronged campaigns not only raise money — they build deeper relationships that pay off 
over time.

Fundraising Gone Wild!
March 1, 2011

One of the best ways for fundraisers to get new ideas is by learning from their peers in the nonprofit sector. And despite the economy and continued budget cuts, 2010 saw no shortage of successful fundraising campaigns.

Survey Finds that Donors Who Pledge Money Via Mobile Text Messaging Are Willing to Donate Additional Dollars in the Future
February 2, 2011

Mobile donations serve as a great complement to more traditional giving channels such as direct mail, e-mail and online giving, according to recent findings from a survey commissioned by The mGive Foundation. The survey revealed that 86 percent of respondents who give to an organization via SMS-based mobile campaigns would consider giving larger dollar amounts via alternative giving channels.

In addition, 80 percent of survey respondents who were regular online and/or direct mail donors indicated that donating money via text would not preclude them from giving a larger amount via alternative channels.

Online Giving: It's Still About Relationships
February 1, 2011

People go online because they're seeking to connect with other people, with things they like and with causes they love. Technology enables them to forge stronger connections, and people therefore come to nonprofits with high expectations for the way we treat them online.

5 Fundraising Trends for 2011
December 28, 2010

At the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association Year-End Luncheon, veteran fundraising expert Roger Craver, founder of DonorTrends and editor of The Agitator, shared five fundraising trends to get on top of in 2011.