Monthly Giving

A Compelling Case for Monthly Giving
April 1, 2011

I rarely receive monthly giving invitations by mail, but that's not surprising since many nonprofits find telemarketing yields much better results, at least until they can afford to try direct-response television. But one of those organizations is including direct mail in its acquisition efforts, interestingly.

Trends in the Fundraising Sector
October 26, 2010

Analyzing trends in the fundraising world is important on many levels. It lets you know what's happening in the industry, what that may mean for the future and how it compares to the past. Studying trends also lets you know where you stand compared to other organizations, allowing you to pinpoint what your organization is doing well and what it needs to work on.

There Must Be 50 Ways …
July 1, 2009

Remember the story of the boy in Holland who noticed a hole in the dike? Fearing a leak could flood the entire town, he shoved his finger into the hole, potentially avoiding a major disaster.