All that Glitters Isn't Tax Exempt
January 1, 2004

While the goal of any good fundraiser is to raise funds, it’s important to know that not all gifts are created equal. For instance: An alum gives his cattle ranch to his college or a patron gives the controlling interest of her business to the local art museum. These gifts might be of great value, but they also might have unexpected income-tax consequences for the receiving organizations.

Critics: Loosened Mail Rule Could Open Pandora's Box of Abuse
January 1, 2004

A change to the United States Postal Service’s Cooperative Mail Rule went into effect late last year, permitting nonprofit mailers to partner with third-party, commercial fundraising firms while still retaining the ability to mail at nonprofit postal rates. Previously, if a nonprofit group entered a joint venture with a for-profit company, any resulting mail would be ineligible for the nonprofit rate.