Boards and Volunteers

Raise More Money: Don’t Try to Avoid Looking Foolish
February 19, 2015

In communicating with your donors, whether it be a website or mailing — electronic or physical — focus on the relationships. Risk a little. Risk looking foolish. Make your investors smile. They'll love you for it. When you ask them to step up their support, they'll sense the human connection and respond.

7 Deadly Sins of Fundraising
January 28, 2015

A campaign to encourage board giving had too many foundational principles that were violated. Here are the seven deadly sins of fundraising committed, sins you can avoid by following fundraising best practices.

Looking for Donors? It's Inside Out
January 22, 2015

Nonprofit boards should conduct peer solicitations of themselves annually. Doing so both raises the commitment levels of individual board members and raises board giving to a higher level. What's more, there's the real possibility that at least some members of the board will move from being merely donors to become investors — those supporters who are emotionally committed to the ongoing success of the organization.

Fundraising: It's Not the Pitch
January 21, 2015

Major-gifts fundraising isn't about "the pitch." It's not about a presentation. It is about having a meaningful conversation with prospective donors to see if they share your values, mission and vision — aspirations to make a difference.

Unite Your Board and Blast Off!
January 8, 2015

Your board may be performing well enough, but once you've seen a group that is truly united, you realize how much more can be achieved.

Lead for Success
December 10, 2014

As a nonprofit leader, volunteers and especially board members need to be looking to you as the expert, as the leader. If you need additional expertise for various reasons, bring in consultants, advisors, board members and staff. For nonprofit success  — and fundraising success specifically  — be strategic and lead!

Aligning Methods With Goals
November 6, 2014

The proper role of a board is to expect and demand from staff workable, realistic plans for revenue generation. Both board and staff have a role in implementing these plans.