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Recognition: Better for Me When It’s All About You
March 14, 2018 at 12:26 pm

One of the main tools that we use to motivate people is recognition. Recognition can be delivered in many forms, so deploying recognition for maximum effect takes planning and strategy. One component is almost always the use of email. Recognizing people personally with email is inexpensive, and its effects are measurable...

This New Credit Card Lets You Give to Charitable Causes With Each Swipe
June 30, 2016 at 9:46 am

America's 200 million credit cardholders are better at accruing rewards than spending them. Last year, we failed to redeem about $16 billion worth of loyalty points, one survey showed. Apparently, what motivates us to get cards in the first place isn't the extras on offer. It's the simple convenience of having plastic when we need…

D.C. Nonprofit Conference Roundup: Goldilocks and Mid-Level Givers
February 9, 2010

In the session "Three Bears — How to Plan a Mid-Level Program That Is Just Right for Your Organization," at the DMA 2010 Washington Nonprofit Conference, speakers Jann Schultz, director of donor relations at Operation Smile; Susan Paine, director of direct marketing at the Human Rights Campaign; and Cathy Finney, associate vice president at MINDset direct, offered the following keys to success when planning a mid-level giving program.

Sector Report: Fundraising 2009-2010
January 1, 2010

Lynn Edmonds, president, L.W. Robbins Associates
Loyal donors are being conservative but holding on. Since the spring, we have seen a slight increase in giving in some audiences but not all. And in certain cases, we have been able to reactivate lapsed donors by decreasing the gift asks.