Matt Hugg

Matt Hugg

Marketer, Fundraiser, Teacher… 30+ years ago, graduating with a degree in geology in the middle of a recession, Matt entered the nonprofit world the traditional way: he fell into it! (Yeah, a few scrapes and bruises, but he survived… and thrived!) As he dug deeper, he began to mine for gold at several nonprofits and universities. Soon, he sharpened his shovel at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, where he earned his Masters in Philanthropy and Development. In 2005, Matt decided to widen his trench by opening his own business. Today he helps nonprofits find their own gems by writing their marketing and fundraising material. He also gives the tools of nonprofit leadership to new generations of “miners” by teaching philanthropy, fundraising, and marketing graduate classes at Eastern University in Philadelphia, Washington, Harrisburg and in Senegal, Uganda, Cambodia and Italy. He also teaches fundraising and marketing classes at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute, Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey, and Juniata College. Want to dig deeper? Go to

Recruiting: Are You Locking Out Fundraising Talent?

I’ve done plenty of searches as a manager of fundraisers and as a headhunter. In my headhunting role I would always ask, “Will you consider nontraditional candidates?” Even among those who say "yes" (most are honest and say no, despite my discussion of the possible advantages), it was clear that there was a discomfort with hiring an outsider. This from clients who I knew were outsiders themselves not long before. In effect, they locked the door behind them...

Are You in Their Head?

How well do you know the people you serve? How well do you know the folks you solicit for gifts? I'm not talking about recognizing them on the street or at an event. I mean how well do you know the kind of life they live? How well do you know how they handle their finances? How well do you know what their day looks like from start to end?

Go for the Green: Prepare for Year-End Fundraising Today

If you're on a June/July fiscal year, you need to make plans now for a strong year's end. That means updating your messaging that you decided last July was the best approach. It means confirming or lining up your interviews for those story-based letters. It means making sure that you're still sending to the right segments.