Kristi Heim

Kristi Heim
Gates Foundation Investing More in Mothers and Newborns

April 1, 2010, Seattle Times The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is boosting its investments in the health of mothers and newborns, which saves lives at a much lower cost than treating diseases later on, Melinda Gates said. The world's largest private foundation is also stepping up its efforts to fund contraception, she said.

At a time when effects of the recession are straining budgets worldwide, Gates urged governments to maintain their commitments to global health and pointed out how donors can "get more bang for your buck."

Gates Foundation CFO Announces Resignation

October 12, 2009, The Seattle Times Alexander Friedman, chief financial officer of the world's largest private foundation, says he's leaving next year to pursue other interests.

Gates Charity Funds Go Out as Loans, Too

September 20, 2009, The Seattle Times — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives away $3.5 billion a year in grants, but to stretch its dollars further, the nonprofit has begun making loans, equity investments and loan guarantees.

Jeff Raikes Talks About First Year as Gates Foundation CEO

August 20, 2009, The Seattle Times — Jeff Raikes has kept a pretty low profile in his first year as chief executive of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The man who built Microsoft Office now runs the largest private foundation in the world, which gives out more than $3 billion a year from an endowment of $30 billion.

Mobile Giving Is Catching On

July 27, 2009, The Seattle Times — For most nonprofits, raising money means asking donors to write a check.

As Global Health Funding Surges, Balance of Power Shifts

June 18, 2009, The Seattle Times — Global health funding has quadrupled in less than two decades to almost $22 billion, boosted by U.S. public funding, corporate donations and giving from private foundations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Local Women Propel Funding Campaign to Historic Highs

May 13, 2009, Seattle Times — A global campaign to get women to donate $1 million each toward non-profits that help women and girls surpassed its ambitious targets, thanks in part to a handful of Seattle philanthropists.

Gates Foundation Joins Others in Goal to Cut Homelessness

A partnership of governments, businesses and nonprofits is pledging today to redouble its efforts to help the growing number of homeless families in Washington state. The pledge includes up to $60 million over 10 years by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.