Jennifer Darrouzet

Jennifer Darrouzet
Campaign Strategies to Achieve Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Goals

As peer-to-peer fundraising becomes easier to adopt, the methodology has been adapted for many different types of campaigns. Depending on your goals, you might consider one of the following types of peer-to-peer campaign strategies.

Digging Deep to Make the Most of Your Donor Data

With a modern constituent relationship management solution, your organization can take "digging deep" to a whole new level. Your next-generation database increases efficiency, improves coordination among your staff and — most importantly — enables you to strengthen your relationships with your donors, the lifeblood of your organization.

Getting Your Board Onboard for Online Fundraising Success

You’ve probably seen the statistics — more than 73 percent of Americans are online, and online fundraising is growing year over year. And then there’s the fact that adding online communications to a nonprofit organization’s toolkit can more than double donors’ lifetime value. But even in the face of these compelling facts and figures, you’re still behind.

Rather than focusing your dollars and resources on raising money offline, it’s time to shift your strategic focus to the online world. You see the need, but there’s an obstacle that lies between your technology investment and your strategic online initiatives: your board.