Howard Levy

Howard Levy

As principal and strategic director for Red Rooster Group, a branding agency that specializes in promoting nonprofits, Howard specializes in synthesizing the essence of an organization into a compelling brand. Throughout his 25-year career, Howard has helped countless nonprofit organizations revitalize their brands, gain visibility, increase membership and improve their fundraising and marketing.

Howard believes in the power of the nonprofit sector to address our society’s challenges and in helping nonprofits harness the power of a strong brand to further their mission. In addition to running Red Rooster Group, Howard runs brand workshops for the Association of Junior Leagues International, speaks at nonprofit conferences and writes for Guidestar and other publications.

He has won countless awards for his work and was recently selected as a featured Storygiver by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, New York City Chapter.


Who Is Really Making the Decision?

As an agency that specializes in helping nonprofit organizations develop their brands, we often get calls from marketing managers or development directors who want to improve how their organizations communicate. It’s natural that they are the ones who reach out to us or are the ones we are put in touch with by a referral source. However, in our initial conversations with them, I ask who will be making the decision about the organization’s brand elements—such as the logo or website—and often I hear, “I will...

Are Nonprofits Hypocritical?

In every way they can, nonprofits make the "ask." The message is: We help people. We mend the holes in the social safety net. We educate. We feed. We shelter. We care. But do they? Or do they, by the nature of their funding, contribute a bit to the tearing of that net? Nonprofits are notorious for paying low salaries...

Creating Compelling Success Stories for Your Nonprofit

Generating compelling success stories won’t happen by magic. In order to get the stories, you need to help your staff understand the importance of stories in the organization’s marketing and fundraising efforts and to feel comfortable asking clients for their stories...