Holly Whitman

Holly Whitman

Holly Whitman is a journalist and freelance writer who has been featured in numerous online publications, including The Moderate Voice, Geopolitical Monitor and The Good Men Project. Find more of her work on Only Slightly Biased.

How to Train Your Volunteers to Be More Productive

Volunteers play an integral role for most nonprofit organizations, with their work spanning from the front lines to behind-the-scenes importance. Increasing efficiency and cutting down on personnel costs sound desirable to any business, and it’s no different for nonprofits. Having a capable core of volunteers can reduce overhead costs and make it easier to meet monthly or annual goals...

Rise of the B Corp (and What It Means for Nonprofits)

For-profit companies have often sought to generate goodwill through charitable donations and a combination of environmental and social advocacy. For some companies, however, the occasional goodwill gesture isn’t enough. That’s what B Corporations are for: These for-profit companies intend to make money, of course, but doing good also is one of their goals...