Cynthia Adams

Cynthia Adams

Cynthia Adams has been dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations identify and secure the funding they need to do their good work for well over 40 years.

Cynthia founded GrantStation because she believes that grantseeking requires a thorough understanding of the funders and sound knowledge of the philanthropic playing field.

Her life’s work has been to level that playing field, creating opportunities for all nonprofit organizations, regardless of size or geographic location, to secure grant support.

Cynthia is founder and CEO of GrantStation.

Don’t Miss the Boat: Uncovering New Sources of Grant Opportunities

I’m fairly confident that by the year 2021, philanthropy, not only in the U.S. but throughout the world, will wear a new face. These changes will open an expanded door of opportunity in the area of grantseeking for nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and regional governments.

Zen and the Art of Grantseeking

The search for new income for almost any nonprofit is never ending. And often, we simply get paralyzed by indecision, trying to figure out how to move forward. We know it’s critical to devise a plan on how to secure the funds our organization needs to operate and grow.

Building Grantmaker Relationships in a Non-Relationship Society

Building a good relationship with funders is as important today as it has always been, but how do you build any sort of camaraderie if phone and face-to-face contact seem to be “out” and text and email are “in”? The answer, I believe, is simply learning how to communicate well.

My Boomerang Won’t Come Back: Why Did My Grant Request Fail?

Sometimes, no matter how many trainings you take, no matter how many articles you read, no matter how many times you polish your proposal, you simply aren’t successful in your grantwriting efforts. In short, you’ve tossed the boomerang out there, but it just won’t come back.

Bold = Gold: Grant Requests That Demand Investment

In today’s philanthropic climate, an important key to unlocking the grantmaker’s door is to become bold in your thinking. Encouraging leadership to embrace new ways to fulfill your organization’s mission is a major step in that direction.