Cheryl Keedy

Cheryl Keedy
2014 DMAW MAXI Awards Results

Reviewing the winners across all channels for the 2014 DMAW MAXI Awards, the shared themes were engagement, extraordinary storytelling and relationship building. The stats and snapshot images of the winning Direct Mail, Digital Media, Multichannel and Telemarketing campaigns provided high-level intel of the strategies and tactics.

Re: Using Emails to Effectively Thank Donors

There are four types of email thank-yous to consider when you’re developing an integrated direct-marketing campaign. I’ve outlined them here and added my 2 cents about how you can make each of these efforts even more compelling to get your first-time donor to want to learn more about your mission.

5 Unusual Direct-Mail Techniques to Try

Here are five unusual direct-mail techniques that really push the envelope a bit — the icing on the cake that may be worth a little extra investment. I love these because they are so out of the ordinary and can really pack a punch. But just like in fashion, too much of a good thing can go bad. These unusual techniques stand on their own two feet and don’t need much else to get the point across. 

5 Eye-Catching (and Affordable) Direct-Mail Techniques

This month’s DM Deconstructed is on how some simple — or complex — features of affordable, attention-grabbing commercial direct-mail pieces might be an inspiration to direct-mail fundraisers with the goal of getting donors to open those envelopes.

What's Hot, What's Not in Direct Mail for 2014

Here are some trending behaviors and techniques I carefully observed and heard about throughout 2013 in regard to direct-mail fundraising. I came up with these two dozen hot and not-so-hot trends by scrutinizing award-winning direct-mail packages; having discussions with printers/writers/fundraisers; learning lots of best practices from conferences in the nonprofit and commercial industries; attending Direct Marketing Association of Washington lunch and learn presentations by direct-mail experts; meeting with my colleagues and our clients; and by looking at, touching and critiquing every piece of direct mail that crossed my desk

An Offer They Can't Refuse

The following are a few exceptional examples of how organizations have used proven formats like certificates, surveys and acknowledgments to enhance the donor experience and, in turn, drive up continued commitment.