Pulling It All Together: A lively discussion on direct mail’s part in a multichannel fundraising strategy

Sponsored by: CDS Global
Speakers: Karin Kirchoff, Vice President, MINDset direct; Angie Moore, Partner, DonorVoice; and Steve Kehrli, Development Director, PETA Foundation

Don’t let anyone tell you direct mail is dead. Trust us, there are those who swear it is. But the fact of the matter is that nonprofits should continue to incorporate direct mail into their seamlessly multichannel fundraising campaigns. It would be great if someone could run their finger over a url in a direct-mail piece and somehow access your Donate Now page, wouldn’t it? Sorry, that ain’t happening (not anytime soon, at least). But there are strategies for honoring the best of direct mail and other channels while pulling it all together into a masterpiece of consistent messaging and compelling calls to action.

Sponsored by CDS Global

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