Modeling — Taking it Straight from the Experts (Part 1)

It started several weeks ago. I missed a call with the panel of people preparing for a FundRaising Success webinar. Well, I wasn’t there to stick up for myself, and we all know what that means. I got the topic that no one wanted — yep, I got assigned the topic of modeling relative to how the nonprofit industry is pushing toward integrated, multichannel marketing.

Of course, my topic was only supposed to last 10 minutes and it went perfectly, but in the meantime I just had this nagging feeling that I needed to dig deeper. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know what the experts were thinking in this area — so I decided to just ask! For the most part, what is in this article are direct comments/quotes from the folks that I believe are the brightest and the best in our industry around this topic.

I asked four questions of each of these people.

  • Richard Becker, president, Target Analytics
  • Jeff Birkner, director of marketing intelligence and strategy, Eleventy Marketing Group
  • Caity Craver, CEO, DonorTrends
  • Jim Emlet , principal and co-owner, Integral
  • John Ernst, chief strategy officer, nonprofit, Paradysz
  • Brent Eskew, executive vice president, Wiland Direct
  • Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis, vice president, market analytics, Merkle
  • Gretchen Littlefield, president, InfoGroup Nonprofit
  • Chuck Longfield, chief scientist, Blackbaud
  • Curt Swindoll, executive vice president, strategy, Pursuant
  • Andy Wilder, vice president, analytics consulting group, Epsilon

(Today’s post presents their comments on the first two questions. Check back tomorrow for the rest!)

On some topics there was very similar thinking, on others —not so much. But hands down, the perspective from every one of these individuals/agencies is worth the read as everyone in our industry tries to understand how to be better marketers and fundraisers.

1. When thinking through all the challenges the nonprofit industry is facing these days, where do you think modeling can be the most helpful?

Vice President, Strategy & Development
Eleventy Marketing Group

Angie is ridiculously passionate about EVERYTHING she’s involved in — including the future and success of our nonprofit industry.
Angie is a senior exec with 25 years of experience in direct and relationship marketing. She is a C-suite consultant with experience over the years at both nonprofits and agencies. She currently leads strategy and development for marketing intelligence agency Eleventy Marketing Group. Previously she has worked at the innovative startup DonorVoice and as general manager of Merkle’s Nonprofit Group, as well as serving as that firm’s CRM officer charged with driving change within the industry. She also spent more 14 years leading the marketing, fundraising and CRM areas for two nationwide charities, The Arthritis Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Angie is a thought leader in the industry and is frequent speaker at events, and author of articles and whitepapers on the nonprofit industry. She also has received recognition for innovation and influence over the years.

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