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May 1, 2011

These 12 strategies aren't the only things I'd do to transform my donor-development office. They may not even be the most urgent things I'd do, or even the most important. But they are the things I'd do that I think would have the most lasting impact. They would make the most difference to converting my imaginary donor-development department from the under-funded, misunderstood appendage to the fundraising function that I found on joining the organization into the finely honed, high-
earning core activity that I'd like to leave behind when, in the fullness of time, I move on to pastures new (you have to indulge me a little here, in this fantasy). Anyway, here we go.

Focus on Your People, People!
March 1, 2011

Technology is great, but it takes human beings to make the most of it. Ask these questions to make your fundraising efforts successful this year and beyond.

Nonprofit Characteristics Foundations Seek Before Making Grants
November 30, 2010

The competition for foundation grants is greater than ever with charitable service demand at an all-time high. So to ensure your organization is in position to grab the attention of grantmakers, make sure you're set up with the pre-grantseeking needs foundations look for.

Pa. philanthropist hopes to help jobless crisis by giving $1K for each unemployed worker hired
October 19, 2010

A suburban Philadelphia philanthropist who believes charity is a powerful incentive thinks he can help get Americans back to work one donation at a time.

Gene Epstein, 71, is promoting a $250,000 effort called Hire Just One, with plans to make $1,000 donations to charity in the name of businesses that hire an unemployed person and keep the worker on the payroll for at least six months.

October 11, 2010

The Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) today announced the election of new officers and 11 new members to its Board of Trustees for 2010-2011. The terms commenced earlier today at DMEF’s Annual Meeting, which was held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California.

The DMEF Board of Trustees elected Richard Hochhauser, former president and chief executive officer, Harte-Hanks, Inc., as chairman. A marketing veteran, Hochhauser retired from Harte-Hanks in 2008, after 33 years of service.

Encore Fellowships Help Execs Switch to Nonprofit Work
June 25, 2010

Trading a corporate job for a position in the nonprofit world often takes more effort than  submitting a resume to your favorite charity. Philanthropic institutions operate in an entirely different universe, one with its own culture, vocabulary, tax codes and challenges. Goodbye, stockholders. Hello, benefactors. The lure is strong for boomers like John Armstrong (shown on the left), who wanted to spend his work days making not just an income, but also a difference.

Opportunity Knocks Releases 2010 Nonprofit Wage and Benefit Report in Time for Budgeting
November 6, 2009

Atlanta, Ga., November 6, 2009 — Just in time for end-of-year budgeting, nonprofit employers can find salary and benefits information to make solid HR decisions for their organizations with the Opportunity Knocks 2010 Nonprofit Wage and Benefits Report. In a market where every penny has to be spent carefully and bring maximum value, nonprofits can’t afford not to know whether what they’re offering is both competitive and buys the most their money can.