Donor Relationship Management

Where Have All the Taxis Gone?
March 4, 2013

Survey, contact and interview your donors all you want. There's real value in doing so. But that value may turn out to have more to do with cultivation than with predicting their future behavior.

Looking Back: Pork Roll and Purpose (2009)
March 4, 2013

While looking through past articles and columns, etc., for this "Looking Back" feature this morning, I was kind of struck by the snarkiness of this Editor's Note from March 2009. I must have been in a snit, but it eventually winds its way down to a point about fundraising and the important task fundraisers have in educating donors about how good it is to give.

Looking Back: Smart Cookies (2007)
March 1, 2013

The April 2007 issue featured a cover story on the Girls Scouts of the USA, called appropriately "Smart Cookies," that explored how a sweeping organizational transition would mean a new focus on fundraising and an enhanced partnership with its local councils around the country.

13 Ideas for Increased Revenue in 2013
March 1, 2013

View your fundraising position not only in increased revenue terms but as a lobbyist. Your job is to educate, communicate and engage old and new internal and external constituencies in the life of your organization with respect to philanthropy.

Looking Back: Little Disasters
February 22, 2013

After a frustrating experience trying to make donations in friends' names for the holidays, I asked readers of my April 2009 Editor's Note to examine the ways that seemingly minor glitches and missteps can affect their all-important donor relationships.

6 Steps to Reinforcing Your Nonprofit’s Credibility
February 21, 2013

Your nonprofit’s credibility is directly tied to your reputation. The more credible you are the better reputation you have. Strong credibility is especially important when asking for donations. An integral part to a donation decision lies in whether an individual feels an organization is credible or not — essentially asking, will my hard earned money be used legitimately? Donors assess your credibility as a way to manage risk.

What Can K, L, M, N and O Teach Us?
February 21, 2013

Special thanks to Sue Pargman, senior copywriter at Masterworks! She took on my challenge last week and provided suggestions for all five letters. So, welcome Sue, my co-author for this article. I’ll be sharing some of her thoughts along with mine. So with that, let’s look at K, L, M, N and O.

6 Steps to Increase Donor Response Through Offer Optimization
February 14, 2013

At the DMA Nonprofit Federation's 2013 Washington Nonprofit Conference last week, three fundraising professionals provided a step-by-step approach to make your data work for you to help send more targeted messages in the session "Donor-Message Matching: Increasing Response Through Offer Optimization."