Advocacy can be an essential piece of a nonprofit organization's ability to meet its mission. It's about embracing and promoting a particular point of view. And while it may seem like some of the most successful nonprofits excel at championing a single issue or cause, in reality, the long-term work of building change is made up of a series of smaller gains (and losses) done behind the scenes over a long period of time. You’ve probably heard the saying—change doesn’t happen overnight. It involves a cycle of advocacy, policy efforts and building support from the inside out.

By embracing the attributes of the mid-funnel specifically, and the behavioral analytics that stem from this platform, fundraisers have a much clearer understanding of their supporters, which in turn allows for the development of more relevant, customized and personalized experiences and relationships that will result in far greater dividends to the organization.

Based on my experience, I have three key takeaways that are important to focus on when choosing celebrities to help raise awareness for a cause.

Given the many issues facing nonprofits today, and the people they serve, it is more important than ever to get involved in the public policy debate. When it comes to lobbying, there are many misconceptions. Lobbying does not always include giving money to politicians or their campaigns, but can mean reaching out to a specific legislator or group of legislators to ensure that the voice of their constituents (and your supporters) is truly being heard—and listened to.

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