Taylor Shanklin

Taylor Shanklin

Taylor Shanklin is the director of marketing strategy at Kimbia. Reach her at taylor@kimbia.com. Follow her on Twitter @tshankcycles. Hook ‘em.

3 Tips for Getting Meaning From Data Without Being a Data Scientist

It seems these days that marketers, strategists, analysts and sales people are hungry to throw around terms, such as Big Data, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, like a pack of dogs at the back door of a meat market. And, I have a confession to make: I’m a marketing professional also guilty of using these terms...

Manifesto: 3 Tips for Adopting a Growth-Hacking Mentality

In the nonprofit sector, we wear a lot of hats. We all do it anyway because we care about the mission. We are a passionate bunch. But let’s face it, despite our passion, we all need to get a lot accomplished with a limited budget and limited time to do so. We also need to recognize that cross-team collaboration is vital to fulfilling the mission. Enter growth hacking for nonprofits...