Robin Cabral

Robin Cabral

Robin Cabral is “Hire a CFRE!” the one and only outsourced development professional with close to 25 years experience providing value-added consulting services with razor-sharp monthly result objectives and benchmarked deliverables.

She works with mid-sized nonprofits that want to position themselves to build capacity and generate more fundraising prospects, better donor relationships, and bigger fundraising dollars. She specializes in providing outsourced, interim development services and assisting smaller organizations in their first campaigns (annual, capital, and endowment).

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10 Steps to Finding New Donors for Your Nonprofit Organization

Each year, approximately 10 percent of your nonprofit donor base will attrite naturally through death, moving or just not giving any longer. Then, you add lapsed donors on top of that natural attrition, and you are looking at an eroding donor list. Sound familiar?...

How to Re-Engage Lapsed Donors in Your Organization

A lapsed donor is one who has lapsed from giving for at least a calendar year. They are the most significant donors to focus your efforts on re-engaging, because they have already demonstrated an interest in your organization...

How to Have an Immediate Impact in Your New Fundraising Position

Over the past 20 years, I have had my share of jobs and have started some fundraising offices within nonprofits as part of my consulting practice. As a result, I have gotten pretty good at figuring out the first steps when setting up your development office...