Moshe Hecht

Moshe Hecht

Moshe Hecht is chief innovation officer of Charidy, and is an accomplished entrepreneur and team leader whose passion lies at the intersection of technology and charitable giving. Moshe is invested in the continuing success of Charidy and driving the company’s vision. He mentors with purpose and understands that strong working relationships create great teams and produce exceptional results. When Moshe is not at the office, he is writing music and enjoying downtime with his wife and two redheaded boys.

Millennials Shmillenials: Working Together for One Cause

Impact is not achieved by one person, one Millennial or one donation alone. Impact happens when you tap into the collective power of your donors. When we stop treating Millennials as an isolated entity and unite them with givers of all levels and sizes, we, in turn, empower them to actualize that long sought-after impact—even on a $50 donation. Because with the strength in numbers of tens of thousands of Millennials giving just $50, the impact is both unparallelled and accessible...

Here's Why Your Major Donor Is About to Give You the Boot

Major benefactors are expecting more than they ever have before. They know, in our age of information and technology, just how capable nonprofits are of giving them what they really want. And, if we really break it down, there are three things that today’s mega-givers want—and are going to get—whether it’s from you or from another organization...