First Time Available: VetsFirst TargetReady Models

Press release (Nov. 7, 2011) — Infogroup’s TargetReady Models have been applied to the highly responsive VetsFirst file. TargetReady Models were developed to provide ready-made “marketing answers” to marketers utilizing a full array of available Infogroup data. Every possible variable is used to capture demographic, lifestyle and census data with specific categories selected based on consumer behavior and attitudes.

Click here to see the VetsFirst datacard with all TargetReady Model selections available.

VetsFirst, a program of United Spinal Association, was developed specifically to serve the needs of the veteran community. VetsFirst donors are caring people with longstanding donor providership. They are individuals with a wide income range, who are grateful to the veterans of yesterday and today. These donors have received a gift/incentive for their donations or they have responded to an appeal.

For more information contact Cindi Nowatnick at 845.732.7044,

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