Engage Conference Spotlight: American Bible Society’s Well-Calculated Risk

On May 9, FundRaising Success is hosting its first-ever face-to-face event: the Engage Conference. Engage is the only case-study-focused fundraising conference focusing on the keys to success from organizations that have successfully made the leap from just-getting-by nonprofits to powerhouse organizations. Leading up to Engage, we will be highlighting content from the participating organizations and speakers that we’ve published over the years.

American Bible Society, a faith-based organization dedicated to bringing the message of the Bible around the world, is one of the three featured organizations at Engage. In our May 2005 issue, Stratmark’s Max Bunch described how ABS retooled its message and survived two years without acquisition mailings by taking “A Well-Calculated Risk.

To learn more about the Engage Conference, click here. And to register, click here and enter the discount code: FSNews100

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