Fundraiser of the Year

Amanda Lipsey

Development Director

Adventure Cycling Association

Amanda Lipsey joined the Adventure Cycling staff in May 2011. In 2012, her efforts, innovation and hard work culminated in a substantial increase in development revenue since 2010 (from $407,806 in 2010 to $506,649 in 2011 and $795,007 in 2012).

According to Arlen Hall, tours director for the Adventure Cycling Association, Amanda organized and successfully conducted a capital campaign to raise the difference between reserve funds earmarked for a building renovation and the total cost of the renovation. The campaign raised more than $250,000, which allowed the organization to complete the renovation without taking on any debt. Through the campaign, she also created a major-donor circle, the Founders Circle, and worked with a professional recognition company to create a special art piece to recognize major donors.

Amanda has improved the organization’s direct-mail appeals by taking a more heartfelt and direct approach with donors both in content and design of appeals, Hall says. “She has increased our work with the for-profit bicycle industry and corporate partners, and built and grown personal relationships between major donors and Adventure Cycling.

“Upon her arrival at Adventure Cycling, one of her first major projects was implementing a prospect research program, which has had a significant impact on raising major gifts,” he adds. “For example, Amanda successfully negotiated the organization’s largest major gift in history, a $50,000 gift from a donor who previously had only donated as much as $2,500.”

Another example of Amanda’s sensitivity and great relationship building with donors is a recent major donor who contributed $25,000 after only being affiliated with the organization for 10 months.

“When the donor approached the organization to make a gift, Amanda worked with the donor to achieve the donor’s philanthropic goals, which started out as a potential $5,000 gift and ended with a pledge of $25,000 — all because Amanda listened to the donor and focused on the donor’s goals.”

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  • Mark Bybee

    Great Job….she surely deserves a raise!