2012 DMFA Renewal Package of the Year: amfAR December ’11 Appeal

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What happens when the original urgency of your mission diminishes slightly over time because your organization is doing such an effective job in achieving said mission? How do you continue to pique the interest of donors and get them to renew their support?

That’s the situation amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research found itself in.

“When we do our job, we kind of shoot ourselves in the foot fundraising-wise,” says Valerie Vierengel, manager of individual giving at amfAR. “AIDS/HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was, so it makes the case for support kind of hard — it’s no longer an enemy in the same sense.”

On top of that, amfAR’s name recognition has dwindled over the years, and acquisition list marketing is showing signs of saturation, making it all the more vital for the organization dedicated to ending the global AIDS epidemic through innovative research to renew its donors.

For most organizations, that means digging up one of the best and most compelling, emotional stories to center a renewal campaign around. However, that wasn’t a clear-cut choice for amfAR. Historically, stories don’t work well in fundraising appeals for the organization, Vierengel says, because its constituents are what amfAR calls the “affected and effected” of the disease. They are more interested in learning about new drugs and research to combat AIDS/HIV in fundraising appeals as opposed to the individual, personal stories most fundraisers rely on.

However, with ambitious goals and the organization at a bit of a crossroads, amfAR decided to roll the dice and gamble on a story for its renewal letter copy, straying from its typical research angle. So in its December 2011 renewal appeal, which was named co-Renewal Package of the Year by the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association along with Helen Keller International, amfAR told the story of family in which the mother and her children are afflicted with AIDS.

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